You might as well add “boredom” to the list of things we’ve survived these past few months. Staying cooped up at home with nothing to do is enough to drive one mad! And it has. We’ve all been bored. Boring zoom meetings. Boring meals. Boring stories. Boring jokes. Ugh!

Did you come here for something in particular or just general Riker-bashing? And blowing into maximum warp speed, you appeared for an instant to be in two places at once. We have a saboteur aboard.

But boredom is more than a dreaded feeling. Health professionals say it’s become a disease. But… could it be that we’re bored not because we have so little to do but because we have too many options?

How do you think having access to 500 hundred channels, unlimited online media, information at our beck and call, and every entertainment option or adventure on earth at our virtual fingertips, has affected personal expectations and the brain?

Is being stimulated 24/7 a good or bad thing, or completely harmless? Is it that we’re bored, or that we’re unable to get excited anymore?

Sure boredom is dreadful. But you know what’s even more dreadful? The inability to enjoy life’s simple pleasures and beautiful, adrenaline-less moments.

But, what if…you knew your gifts, passions, strengths, beliefs, likes, and dislikes, and were truly at peace with your authentic self, how much external stimulation would you really need? Wouldn’t you have everything you need to create and live an exciting, satisfying life?

You can either get busy creating your life or get busy escaping from it. Why not make today a day of rediscovery and reinvention?

Boredom is dangerous because it drains time from your life; boredom is a vampire that feasts on your joy. Boredom is dangerous too.

Jimmy Carlos

Here are four common ways boredom is damaging your health:

Overweight Issues
Bored people tend to snack because it gives them something to do. They usually don’t reach for the vegetable platter. Eating highly processed food loaded with sugar and fat triggers feelings of happiness. Boredom often drives emotional eating.

Heart disease
There’s more to boredom than just feeling bored. The brain releases an unhealthy mix of hormones into your bloodstream when boredom strikes you regularly, which can create issues with your heart. To make the problem worse, people who battle boredom tend not to exercise regularly and adopt risky habits like smoking and drinking, etc., all of which increase the risk of heart disease and premature death.