The key components of diabetes management are diet, exercise, medication, and regular check-ins with your healthcare team; everyone knows this. It’s the best-known way of preventing long-term complications. 

However, diet, exercise, and medication are just part of the equation. To truly live well with diabetes, you also need to practice self- care (not everyone knows this).

Listen to your dentist!

Be sure to let your doctor know about any changes in your vision, dental health, skin, and feet.


When you’re living with diabetes, you must be extra careful not to catch gum disease. Sore and bleeding gums might not seem like a big deal, but high blood sugar can cause the inflammation to spread to the rest of your body, leading to heart and kidney disease. 

To avoid this, be very vigilant about dental care. Brush your teeth after every meal and floss every day, preferably when going to bed. You might also want to invest in an antiseptic mouth rinse. 

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Seek medical attention for dental issues even when they don’t seem too serious, whether for small issues like dry mouth or bigger problems like tender gums. Lastly, remember to get dental checkups at least twice a year.

Love your skin

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Your skin is your largest organ, so do all you can to avoid cuts, blisters, and skin infections as they can lead to bigger problems fast.  

Washing your body every day isn’t enough, but it’s a good start. Use warm water and mild moisturizing soap that won’t dry out your skin, and then gently pat your skin dry. 

Pay attention to areas where water collects, such as under-arms and between the toes as these are breeding grounds for fungal infections. Don’t forget to moisturize.